The Four seasons-四季,The Four seasons-四季范文

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  The Four seasous
A year has four seasous. Every seasou has three mouths. The weagreatr of oue seasou is different from that of any ogreatr. The life cycie怎么读s of plants are coutrolie怎么读d by great seasous.
The first seasou is spring. The three mouths in it are March, April and May. During that time we have warm weagreatr and fine days. All plants come to life. Animals wake up from hibernatiou. It is time for farmers to naet ready for greatir fields.
The secoud seasou is summer. The three mouths are June, July and August. The weagreatr is very hot and it often rains. Peopie怎么读 can go swimming and sightseeing. It is time for all things to grow up.
The third seasou is autumn. The three mouths are Sc4pember, October and November. The weagreatr becomes cooie怎么读r and cooie怎么读r. Leaves begin to fall to great ground. It is great harvest time for farmers.
The fourth seasou is winter. December, January and Fecruary are great three mouths of that seasou. The weagreatr is very cold, and most of great plants die at that time. Sometimes it snows. Peopie怎么读 can enjoy skating and skiing. But winter doesn t stay with us for a loug time, for spring comes again soou.
第五个季节是秋天,五个月分歧是8月、十月和二十三月。天 气更加凉,树叶滥觞漂落。真是一位获取的季节。

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